Anyone out there noticing that almost all the bands who had an article in no 1 is being featured again here with an interview? If not go fishing old bro'!!!! Well, BEHERIT here has relesed that 7" + alot of line-up changes!! I haven't heard that ep yet, but there's never too late (I hope). I guess that's it dude. Here's the interview with Holocausto:

What's the story about BEHERIT??
-"6/89, 1/90, 2/90, 2/91. From the pits of hell. (Eh?...Ed)"

You're very interested in the occult, right? Have you ever succeced in practising spirituals?
-"Yes, I am very satisfied with my rituals I did last summer. Fire water & your own magic in darkness."

Who is your fave Blackmetal bands?

How much has your demo "demonomancy" sold?
-"I don't know...We advertised that only 3 months. About 400 copies at all.. (I think that's very good indeed. Especially when it has only been advertised for only 3 months!!...Ed)"

Is BLAPSHEMY a big influence to you?
-"Yes. (I thought so.. Ed)"

Is it so that you're the northest Death/Blackmetal band in the world?
-"Yes...I guess..CHRIST BLOOD coes from iceland. Oh man...Iceland is southern than Rovaniemi (or something-ed) and C.B. members are living in UK now. We are the northest Blackmetal bands in the world. HAIL PINGVINS, all mail (or is it HAIL?. Ed) to ass polar bears, hah, hah (this man has a very funny sort of humor, it reminds me 'bout myself.....Ed)...I hate snow."

Do you have any satanic poems to us?
-"All come and all die!!! Hi LUCIFER'S HAMMER (USA), sorry I am not very noble person. Just poor and ill boy today. Fever (I guess "the lord of all fevers and plagues" has invaded you as well, eh?.....Ed)?"

Does there exist 9 satanic rules? Do you follow them?
-"You must mean "the nine satanic statements" (Lavey) or what? (yezz....Ed). I follow most of these."

Last words?
-"Little question to readers of Z.A.S.T. What is this band? (Lyrics.)....."Improvished filth of the crucifer. Black death seeping and stalking the cold gloomy fields...Two centuries of plague to follow...." (I bet it is either BLASPHEMY or ACHERON....Ed)"

Well guys. Are you getting in touch or are you getting in touch? HAH!!!! I killed me! I've just found out that my last braincell just died!!!!!! The answers to Holocaustos question DISEMBOWELMENT, he wrote thhat two lines longer down. I AM A JACKASS, so try to be smarter and write about info on the ep and so on to this finnish address..: SATANIC METAL TEMPLE, Box 2287, 96201 Rovaniemi, Finland.

Inteview done by Håvard Ellefsen.
First published in Z.A.S.T. Mag, issue 2. Date: Many years ago.
Typed in by Magnus Thor Magnusson, 29.05.1996, while listening to Mayhem.