And here we have Beherit, one of the first Finnish black metal bands and one of the first Finnish bands who released an LP/CD. Their debut was released on German turbo Music and I have no personal experience with it but it seems to be a big rip-off (like so many). They have a new CD out on Finnish Spinefarm Records and it's a great product. Next interview is made by Unsane. The answers are quite short but there are 18 questions so enough to read.

You have just released your first real CD (I don't count "Oath of Black Blood" as a real CD). Are you satisfied? Are there any parts you would have liked to change?
Yeah, our first album is now finally released. We recorded it about one year ago but I'm still quite satisfied with it. Well, there are some mistakes and some tracks didn't come out as I wanted but that's okay. The overall sound couldn't be better.

What does the title "Drawing Down The Moon" mean?
"Drawing Down The Moon" is a ancient ritual.

Can you explain what the lyrics of each track are about, track by track?
"Intro": The seventh satanic statement (Dr. LaVey). "Solomon's Gate": A trip to Israel's history, solomon's occultism. "Nocturnal Evil": Old song by the lord Diabolus, ritualistic vibrations by the black magic witches somewhere near Acheron, hecate also featured here. "Sodomatic Rites": lyrics included. black metal heathens, pagan sex. "Black Arts": lyrics included. Nothing special, just old black metal spirit. "The Gate of Nanna": lyrics included, based on the texts of Necronomicon, the moon calls us to sin. "Nuclear Girls": no lyrics but the house 418. "Unholy Pagan Fire": so called unholy lifestyle is very holy for some people, dance with the wolves. "Down There...": lyrics included, old black metal spirit. "Summerlands": the land where's eternal summer, after death, medium datum. "Werewolf, Semen And Blood": black metal heathens, very old lyric.-.. blood! "Thou Angel Of The Gods": Angelos ton theon, Crowley influenced lyrics, pagan texts, a black rose beyond the mirror. "Lord Of Shadows & Goldenwood": horned god Bran... based on the texts of pagan rituals.

It seems to me you have quite a good following around the world but you also have alot of people against you. What do you think of this?
Yes, when we started the band about 4 years ago we new this and so that's okay. Now there are more people against us 'cause of these new rules and all these stupid rumours spreaded by our Norwegian enemies... but I don't care so much. But that's a bit sad that the black metal underground scene is totally split. A few years ago there were almost no black metal bands.

What do you think of the new black metal bands like The Black, Azhubham Haani, Perdition Hearse, Burzum and Emperor? Also mention some of your fave bands that are not on the list above.
I don't listen so much to this new black metal stuff, but there are some cool bands. I listen to old black and death metal bands because they are so fucking severe grinding and original.

Do you think any of the new black metal bands will ever get the same feeling as the old black metal bands like Venom, Poison, Bathory?
No, if they're working in this way, the way they're working what they at this moment try to do... it's a bit cosmic-like... but I hope some of them would create something cool.

What do you think of the stuff which is going on in Norway like the arrest of Count Grishnackh etc.?

Well, it's up to them how to work but I just can't understand those guys overthere. Such a scene is only in Norway and then just some underaged kids who try to follow these "rules" of black metal even they don't understand it. But as I said they can continue if they want if they don't cause more problems upon me. They have their own business there and I have mine hear. I really hope they start to think now.

There are alot of satanic organisations these days. Can you mention some organisations you know and what do you think of such organisations?

I know many organisations in satanism, paganism. If somebody is interested to know more or is ready to join an organisation or temple, he should write them. Order Of The Left Hand Path do good news and they are ready to give more information and neutral opinions. This anti LaVey movement is nothing but childish.

What is your philosophy on life?

You hear alot of opinions on what/who Satan is. What do you think about it?
Every man and every woman is a star. Satan is like a superman. That's what you try to be... to be yourself.

Do you agree with the opinion that a band can't be serious and must be trendy when the band uses primitive Satan worshipping lyrics?
Black metal lyrics are very primitive. But those are just lyrics... blasphemy and sick jokes but sometimes also pure reality.

What do you think of war?
Well, I'm not any militarist but also war has positive things. But personally, I'd rather live in peace 'cause I'm a party maniac.

And what about diseases like aids and cancer?

Those suck! Aids confines my hobby (???what???) and yeah, cancer no rule but still no limits party!

I have seen quite some porno movies like animal sex, shit sex, piss sex, sm, child porno and normal porno. What do you think of such movies?
Myself i enjoy piss sex and sm and xxx rated porno. And about the movies, they are cool. But child porno is something I don't accept. But ofcourse that's okay if some 13 year old pussy come to spread her pink cunt and ask me to suck her juices out, no problem. (interesting???)

What is your favorite way to fuck?
Too hard to explain it, sorry, xxx.

What do you think of homosexuality. I personally totally dislike the wimpy assholes that homosexuals usually are, but I also think that the way Apator and Mika (Impaled Nazarene) see it have some good points.
Nothing bad at all.

Do you have any future plans?
Nothing special... just some shizoid sounds.

I shall leave you here. I hope you enjoyed answering your XXth interview. Your last words...
Thank you very much Unsane. See you all guys in december.