This is a truly satanic band from Finland, who play quite fast brutal death-metal. The tape I received is called "Demonomancy" and is from 6.6.90. I also received a live recording (with 8 trax) from their home town 9.6.90. Here they also play two covers of SARCOFAGO; "Satanas" and "Nightmare", so send some money for their stuff, ok! When you read this, their 7" EP (entitled "Dawn of Satan's Millennium") is probably out on Shithouse Records. Well, here comes an interview answered by Demon The Seventh Devil of Fornication:

In Finland it seems like there's several gore bands than satanic bands, but you're still a satanic band. Why have you choosen the satanic image and what do you think about gore lyrics and stuff like that?
-Many gore bands in Finland? I think that there aren't many of them either. Yes, we chose to be a Satanic band after we became aware of our Satanic consciousness. WE Mankind: we shall 'be as gods' by freeing ourselves from godly tyranny. And we also became aware of the self-deceit of Judeo-Christianity and other herd-moralities and slave creeds. "Following the Left Hand Path" - only possible way to us. What comes to those gore bands; at least I'm not that dogmatic or 'inquisitional', one can do whatever he wants. So, gore bands can make gore lyrics if they want. Anyhow actually I find them quite trendiy. (true words -ed).

You have pretty long nick-names (like BLASPHEMY). How comes that?
-Yeah, it's true and I can't deny the effect of Blasp. into them. But you can't explain them, they are our magickal names although I usually use Daimon Ov Fornication, for example.

You told me that you were influenced by bands like BLASPHEMY, SAMAEL, MASTER'S HAMMER and ROTTING CHRIST. So what do you think of all the major thrash-metal bands around?
-I'm not into that 'thrash-metal', I think it's so boring and powerless (I fuckin' agree with you -ed). I hope all that thrash/speed trend finds it's quick end soon. Major thrash-bands suck quite badly. I think underground death metal bands should get lots of more attention in media.

On your piston it's printed "Satanic Metal Temple". Is that just a name for your contact address or is it a contact address for something more?
-"Satanic Metal Temple" is just name of our contact address, though we have certainly thought about registering it and form a Satanic organization, but it would take too much time; the band takes most of our time.

How many gigs have you played and with whom? How is stage show?
-We have played quite few gigs, less than 10. Our last gig was with XYSMA (you know, quite cool gore-core from southern Finland) but mainly we've played with other local bands here in North-Finland. On our gigs at least I'm "weltering in Blood", Necro-Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter have black face & corpse painting on. In future there should be more blood and fire on the stage and of course lots of upside-down crosses and pentagrams. We've planned to perform some Satanic rituals on stage, too. Oh, I almost forgot: we should be playing in Norway, too, in December, with Mayhem and Xerasia... Hail Satan!

When do you use to write your letters?
-At nights (naturally), around midnight. It's the hour of the Lucifer's Children...

Do you practise any kind of black magic?
-Yes, lots of... I applied for enrollment as a student to 'Collegium Satanas', a correspondence course in Satanism founded by New-Zealandian Satanist organization "Order of the Left Hand Path". I should be qualified as Satanist priest about in one month. That is if I ever pass the course (there is examinations as writing essays in English and some practical exercises). Shall the Powers of Hell give support to me...

What do you think of people who find them self as being vampires?
-They are our Satanic alliees as all other Hordes of HIS Infernal Majesty. 'The best blood is the blood of newborn, unbaptized male child, the the Blood of the Moon.." (Aleister Crowley) Yeah, Vampyric rituals, blood of the victims dripping from the Altar.

On your second demo '90 ("Demonomancy") the A side is called "Side of First Death" and the B side is called "Side of Second Death". Does this have anything to do with any occult thing, or...?
-Telling the truth, I don't know for sure. It was in Necro-Vengeance's totally morbid mind where this unholy idea was invented. Maybe there is some occultik link between the names of the sides.

In which way do you want to die?
-In one of our nocturnal self-mutilating rituals... No, maybe then when I'm old and useless, fitting only for Ritual abuse. I would be laying in my Coffin as the Troops of Fallen Angel would come and take my soul into the sources of eternal Wisdom; I would be one with the Satanic Universe...

What do you think happen after you die?
-The real Satanist does not know whether or not there is life after death. No one (living) does either! Anyhow, I think there is going to be lots of fire in the place I'll go.

Anything more you would like to say?
-Keep on following the Left Hand Path, in the Sign of the Horns, in the sign of Baphomet... Keep on hailing in the signs os Satan! And for the priests of Christian herd-conformity: May the Scourge of Hell forever be upon their heads! HAIL SATAN!