• Sadogoat recorded their last official release "Scourging the Son of God" 7" EP.
  • Following that Unholy Terror was kicked out of the band.


  • Lord Titan decided to pursue other goals in life and left the band.
  • Sadisitic Slayer and Necrodevil (Seventh Blasphemer) continued the band on their own and begun searching for a new drummer.
  • For a while Seventh Blasphemer took on the part of drummer/vocalist, while Sadistic Slayer played the guitar and a few rehearsal recordings were put to tape. Some of the songs would later turn up on the first and second Sadomator albums.


  • Demonic Host was contacted and joined the band.
  • Sadogoat changed name to Sadomator.
  • Sadomator entered a rehearsal studio and rehearsed and recorded their debut album "Sadomatic Goat Cult" in two days.


  • After some difficulity finding the right label to work with a deal was made with Iron Bonehead.
  • "Sadomatic Goat Cult" was released on LP in 500 copies.


  • Second album "Goats Brew Alcolust" was recorded in Phlegm Studio, it was rehearsed, recorded and mixed in three days.
  • Iron Bonehead released "Goats Brew Alcolust" LP in 500 copies.


  • Nothing.


  • "Infinite Goatsower" 7" EP was recorded in Phlegm Studio, it was rehearsed and recorded in two days.
  • Iron Bonehead releases "Infinite Goatsower" 7" EP in 666 copies.


  • Third album "Goatblood Panspermia" was recorded in Phlegm Studio, it was rehearsed and recorded in 3 days. Having problems with the mastertapes it had to be mixed on a later date.
  • Iron Bonehead releases "Goatblood Panspermia" LP in 1000 copies.
  • Iron Bonehead re-releases "Sadomatic Goat Cult" LP and "Goats Brew Alcolust" LP on picture disc, each in 500 copies.


  • Iron Bonehead releases "Rites of Desecration" split 7" EP with Morbosidad. The Sadomator part consist of outtakes from "Infinite Goatsower" recording session and "Goatblood Panspermia" recording session.
  • Phlegm Productions releases "Goat Attack - Live Chaos" MC in 500 copies. Consisting of live recordings from Metal Magic Festival 2009.


  • Nothing.


  • Iron Bonehead releases "Ritual for the Dead" split MC with Necroholocaust. Consisting of live recordings from 2011.


  • Iron Bonehead releases "Goat Anthology" 4LP box set.


  • Nothing.


  • ON HOLD.